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If the model of pergola that you require is in stock then delivery or installation would normally be 2-3 weeks. If the model is not in stock then the timescale would increase to 6-8 weeks.

Pergolas need to be attached to either concrete foundations or post footings that will anchor the structure to the ground. They can also be attached to a well maintained good condition timber decking. Composite decking can be a little more tricky but siting a pergola directly on a lawn or soil area is absolutely not advised.

Yes. Once installed a pergola can be unbolted from the ground and carefully repositioned in your garden. If you are moving home the pergola would need to be completely disassembled before being relocated.

Our pergolas are manufactured with materials that are specifically designed to withstand inclement weather. Therefore, our pergolas are capable of enduring high winds, heavy snow and intense heat. It is good practice to leave your louvres in the open position during high winds to allow the wind to pass through the structure.

Yes. When closed, the double layer louvres produce a tight compressed seal which renders the roof watertight. The integrated drainage system discharges the water down the corner posts onto the ground.

Our pergolas require very minimal maintenance. The aluminium framework and roof can be washed down or even jet washed. We would advise that you occasionally check the integrated roof guttering and remove any leaves and debris to maintain efficient drainage.

It is essential that all corner posts (legs) of our pergolas be installed in order for the drainage system to function correctly. However, it may be possible to install the legs tight against the house wall but this would still result in a small gap between the roof section and the house. In this instance a lead flashing would need to be fitted to cover the gap and form a water tight union.

Weather screens are a great addition to any pergola. Here is what they provide when installed:

  1. Provide shade from the strong Summer Sun
  2. Act as a wind break on blustery days
  3. Keep you dry when the rain falls
  4. Trap warm air inside the pergola
  5. Include a stop tension mechanism so can be positioned at any height
  6. Most homeowners place the screens at each end of their pergola and sometimes a third screen across the front or rear. Having a fourth blind, completely enclosing the space is unusual but possible if needed

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